smoker rental

pair our meats with our smoker


The rental period is for 24 hours (12am to 11pm). 

  • 1 day rental: $100
  • 2 day rental: $175
  • 3 day rental: $235
  • 7 day (weekly rental): $350


Our smoker was built by CustomPits and is an excellent size and weight to haul to football games, family picnics, holiday parties, etc. The smoker is for primal cuts only. Firewood and/or charcoal is NOT included in the rental.

Smoker details:

  • Reverse flow
  • Chrome stacks on charcoal grill
  • Chrome vents on firebox
  • 3/8″ Rolled steel smoker cylinder
  • Fish fryer
  • Propane tank holder
  • 3500lb axle
  • 15″ wheels
  • Firebox 20″x24″
  • Charcoal grill 31″x24″x42″
  • 30″ x 60″ smoker cylinder
  • 2 large slide out racks


1. Email with your contact information and requested rental dates.

2. Within 36 hours we will respond to confirm the rental availability and send a quote (pricing above + tax) and the rental contract. Review and send the rental contract back to us.

3. Once we the rental contract is received, we will add your reservation to the rental calendar and you can start planning your event!

Payment option: Credit card only.

Cancellation requests must be received via email ( within 7 days of the event or you will be charged the full rental fee.