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Long Stone Farm was established in 2012 and is located in Lovettsville, Virginia at the foothills of Short Hill Mountain. We started farming 25 acres and are now caring for over 120 acres. We manage the farm to protect our pastures and soil. Rotational grazing, multi-species grazing, cover cropping, water quality, pasture management and long-term sustainability are all areas of high importance.  We primarily focus on raising hogs and cattle in managed grazing systems that support soil and ecosytem health and yield quality marbled meat. We do not spray chemicals in our fields. 

At Long Stone Farm we are committed to raising happy and healthy animals in a system that is beneficial to the livestock, ourselves and our surrounding environment. We strive to manage our animals based on their individual needs and factor those needs into our holistic farm plan. We care about our surrounding ecosystems and have invested in practices such as pollinator and wild habitat strips to provide forage and protection for bees, butterflies, quail, rabbits, birds and more.

Our beef and pork products are processed at a USDA-certified inspected facility and all meat is packaged and flash frozen to preserve the high quality and rich flavor of our products.


Justin grew up in Hillsboro, Virginia, and Casey in Purcellville, Virginia, both small towns in Western Loudoun County. Growing up in the area we have witnessed a sad amount of farms be sold off to developers and residential neighborhoods be built on what used to be corn and cattle fields and abundant hunting ground. We questioned committing our future to Loudoun because of the development and culture change, but ultimately decided to buy land in Lovettsville and pursue our plan to farm

Why do we farm? There are many answers to that question, but one reason is we appreciate fresh, local, unique and flavorful food that is raised with integrity. There are many extraordinary products that can't be purchased at large chain grocery stores. Small farms are creating some amazing meat, produce, brews, wines and value-added products that should be sought out, appreciated and paid top-dollar for. Small farms are not producing commodities, they are producing carefully produced food and products. We fully support the farm-to-fork movement and are proud to offer pastured pork, beef and eggs to Loudoun County and the surrounding area.

Thank you to our dedicated customers - we can't do this without you! 


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