pastured meat shares

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Participating in our meats shares allows you to customize your cuts to match your individual preferences. Purchasing a whole or half pork share is the most sustainable ways to harvest an animal (it's technically only a "share" if you buy a half!) and make the most use of the all cuts that can be provided. 

We are limited to the number of animals we can raise for our shares, so best to reserve early.  


Pork shares are ready in October, November and December. Cured items will take 4 to 6 weeks longer.  A half hog will provide you about 75 to 100 pounds of meat for your freezer, depending on how you process your hog.  


  • half: $100 
  • whole: $200


Beef shares are ready across the year. We typically run a waiting list so best . 

If you order a whole and half, you will determine your cuts. If you purchase a quarter, we determine the cuts for you so everyone sharing gets a sampling of all the cuts. If you order a whole or half, you are able to decide if you want bone-in or boneless. If you buy a quarter you must take bone-in options. 


  • whole:  $1,000
  • half: $500
  • quarter: $250


  • PORK: average hanging weight is 200lbs (100lbs for half)
    • $5/lb HW + tax & processing ($75 to $150/half depending on how you cut and package your meat

  • BEEF: average hanging weight is 800lbs (400lbs per side)
    • WHOLE: $4.00/lb HW + processing +tax  /  [deposit: $1,000]   /   [avg. cost: $3,200]
    • HALF: $4.24/lb HW + processing + tax  /  [deposit: $500]  /  [avg. cost: $1,800]
    • QUARTER: $4.50/lb HW + processing + tax  /  [deposit: $250]   /   [avg. cost: $1,000]


1. You send us a deposit

2. We confirm your deposit and tell you your approximate butcher date

3. We send you a cut sheet several weeks in advance and you can select your cuts/tell the butcher how to prepare your meat

4. We schedule your pick up (very important! We can not keep your meat for you)

5. We notify you when your cured items are ready (for pork shares) and you come back to the farm to pick them up (again, we can not keep your meat)

6. Enjoy the harvest with your family and friends

Deposits are deducted in your final bill. 

To reserve, please send your check to 38212 Long Lane Lovettsville, VA 20180. We appreciate a heads up so we know to look for it.