pastured pork

pork production & products

We specialize in producing high quality pastured pork. We raise our hogs in a seasonal rotational grazing system where we plant forage and vegetables for our pigs to graze. From April to December you can find pigs on our farm. We use regenerative farming practices and have been tracking the organic matter and soil fertility in our hog field since starting the farm. 

We primarily raise Berkshire hogs, but do experiment with different breeds and crosses. We want pigs that are efficient foragers and grazers and possess characteristics that make them well-suited for outdoor production. Berkshires have been a great match for our production process. 

Our approach to raising pigs provides them access to a fresh diverse diet and allows us to protect the health of our soil and pastures by continuously moving them. Rotating hogs across different grounds provides additional health benefits, aids in disease prevention, distributes manure and essentially eliminates any odors associated with confinement hog operations. 


We strive to produce well-marbeled, very flavorful pork and offer a variety of individually vacuumed sealed pork cuts in our farm stand and at select partner locations. We process pigs every two weeks from roughly May until January and easily accommodate custom cut orders.

Our standard cuts are below and occasionally we have a few special cuts in the freezer...

  • tenderloin (pork fish) 
  • loin roasts & chops
  • bacon​ (smoked & turkish flavored)
  • boston butt & picnic roasts 
  • sausage
    • ground: country, sage, sweet italian, mild italian, hot italian
    • rope: applewurst, mild italian, hot italian, cajun, south of the border, blue cheese, mango habanero, tomato basil, sweet italian, blue cheese and bacon
  • smoked ham roasts (custom order only)
  • unseasoned ground pork 
  • spareribs
  • hocks 
  • back fat 
  • jowl 
  • liver 
  • soup bones


In the fall we offer whole/half hog shares, one of the most efficient ways financially to purchase fresh local meat. Each cut will be vacuumed sealed. Our whole hogs will provide you about 180 pounds of meat and a half will provide you about 90 pounds of meat. When your meat is ready, we will coordinate pick-up time and location.