pastured nonGMO chicken & duck eggs

poultry production & products

We raise a variety of chicken breeds that free range around the farm during the day and sleep safely in a coop near our house at night. You will often find our chickens perching on chairs, taking dust-baths under the porches and raiding the duck coop! Our chickens also have full access to our compost bin where they like to dig for treats, roost, relax and find shade during the day.  

Our duck flock is made up of Indian Runners, a heritage and endangered breed of ducks. Runners have an interesting history that can be found on the Livestock Conservancy's website. Runners look like wine bottles on legs! They are upright ducks with a long neck and a long body. They waddle around the farm, always in a flock, eating as many insects, spiders and slugs as they can find. 


  • 1 dozen chicken eggs $5
  • 1 dozen duck eggs $7
  • 1/2 dozen duck eggs $4