pastured beef

beef production & products

Our goal is to produce beautiful beef that is raised on grass, hay and annual forages year round utilizing sustainable and regenerative farming practices. We practice rotational grazing and manage our beef cattle to prioritize herd and soil health and actively manage our pastures to promote diversified and nutritional forage production. Our beef program has been continuously refined the past few years as we've been experimenting with different production practices and adding acreage to our operation. We previously fed mash to our cattle and stopped that practice in 2018. Our beef is "grass-fed", but we do supplement feed lightly to achieve the quality of tender marbled beef we desire to produce. 

We're currently raising and breeding a combination of Hereford, Simmental, Shorthorn and Angus cattle. We strive to maintain a herd with workable attitudes and productive natures that perform well on pasture.


We strive to produce well-marbled, very flavorful beef and offer a variety of individually vacuumed sealed beef cuts in our farm stand. Our standard cuts are below:


  • rib steaks
  • porterhouse steaks
  • t-bone steaks
  • sirloin steaks
  • flank, hanger & skirt steaks (very limited quantity)
  • ground beef
  • chuck roasts
  • rump roasts
  • kabob & stir fry beef
  • stew beef
  • brisket
  • short ribs 
  • meaty soup bones
  • beef & pork halfsmokes
  • chipped beef 
  • beef snack sticks (sweet cheddar, jalapeno cheddar, pepper)
  • sweet & honey bologna
  • beef jerky (sold out)


Throughout the year we offer beef shares, A share is one of the most efficient ways financially to purchase fresh local meat. Each cut will be vacuumed sealed.